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Nachdem es Ende März ein neues Lebenszeichen von Project Offset in Form eines sehenswerten Physik-Videos gab, sind nun neue Bilder erschienen, die zumindest teilweise wie Screenshots aussehen.
Das Actionspiel Project Offset liefert nach langer Zeit neues Videomaterial. Einmal demonstriert der Entwickler Offset Software die hauseigene Engine, das zweite Video gibt einen ersten Ausblick auf den Editor.
Intel zeigt ein neues HD-Video mit beeindruckenden Effekten eines Meteoriten-Hagels und frische Artworks seines Fantasy-Actionspiels Project Offset.
Mittlerweile sind seit der Ankündigung von Project Offset schon weit über drei Jahre vergangen. Die Entwickler von Offset Software wurden vor etlichen Monaten vom Chiphersteller Intel gekauft, der First-Person-Shooter scheint sich aber nach wie vor in Arbeit zu finden.
No, it's not a dream. Go ahead and pinch yourself. After a year of nearly complete silence, the team behind the fantasy FPS Project Offset -- which was acquired by Intel last year -- has redesigned its website and released new media.
Whhooaahh, Project Offset! Been a while. The fantasy epic, which may we remind you has been in development for a long time, reared its head this week and let us know it's still kicking.
Intel has taken another step into the 3D gaming market with its acquisition of Project Offset and the company's Offset Engine. Between Offset, Havok, and Larrabee itself, Intel obviously has something cooking?and that's good news for multicore computing.
Wenn man das Action-Adventure “Dark Messiah of Might & Magic“ mit der grandiosen “Der Herr der Ringe“ Filmumsetzung kreuzt, kommt dabei ein ganz besondereres Spiel zu Stande.
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Project Offset is the working title for a first-person shooter video game by Offset Software. Currently under development, it is set in an epic fantasy world and makes use of the Offset Engine, developed by Offset Software for the game.
In this world filled with big names and even bigger egos, there is a small group of developers who are trying to make a difference. These developers had a dream to make the ultimate game engine, which would shape the future of gaming. Their hard work is finally paying off, as more and more companies are accepting their technology. The following is a feature on "Project Offset" and the "Offset Engine", a major accomplishment. If you think developing groundbreaking technology requires a big company and a bigger budget, this one might tend to change your bend of mind. Read on.
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"Project Offset", said to be "unlike no other first-person shooter to date" is currently under construction by an indie development team called non other than "Offset".
As gamers we owe much to the power of the programmable shader and the graphical splendour it has bestowed on games everywhere. Since its introduction into the DirectX 8 specification, programmable shaders were destined to replace their fixed-function counterparts and once OpenGL joined in the fun, you couldn't stop developers from using them. Today, there's hardly a 3D accelerated game on the market that doesn't feature at least one shader program, even if it's just to do shiny reflective water.
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Every once in awhile an indy game comes along that really makes you sit up and take notice. After seeing titles like Alan Wake or Darwinia developed by independent groups without the immediate support of a publisher, we're not surprised to see Project Offset (working title), an epic fantasy first-person shooter in development by four individuals who want to play a really cool game (which is the best motivation for making a game). We're not surprised, but we're definitely impressed.
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Rise up as a hero in an epic struggle against evil

Set in an epic fantasy world, Project Offset (working title) holds tremendous promise for RPG and FPS fans alike, although not much is yet known about this epic game, including who the game’s publisher will be. Whether that is because there is not yet a publisher that has committed to the project or because they have simply decided not to release that information is unknown. Due for release sometime in late 2007, possibly early 2008, Project Offset (working title) begins the game with the player’s hero selection.
The inside story
Before doom, John Carmack was making games with an Apple II in his mother's house. Then there's Sam McGrath. Who? While working on S2 Games' indie hit, Savage: The Battle for Newerth, McGrath planned to start his own company. While you may not have heard much about him, you will soon enough. All it took was a demo video of his new game, Project Offset.
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Though many have strived and many have failed in the world of independent gaming developers, three ambitious men are about to take up the torch. Sam McGrath, Travis Stringer and Trevor Stringer have devoted their lives to a dream called Project Offset, a bold project that will try to seamlessly integrate wildly innovative first-person shooter gameplay, themes, settings and characters of an epic fantasy bent in what promises to be one of the most potent game engines ever, coded by McGrath himself. < it. for them love>
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Big guns. That’s what first person shooters have been all about since their inception. It doesn’t matter if the game is set 10,000 years into the future, during World War II, or pits players as an anti-terrorist unit, you’re guaranteed to find machine guns, rocket launchers, and plasma cannons in some shape or form. While blowing things up is all well and good, sometimes it just feels like overkill after looking at the sheer number of FPS titles that have come out. This is where Project Offset comes in, as the team behind it are trying to breath new life into the genre by placing it in a fantasy world. and all Content is © 2007-2009 by
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