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The next generation doesn't have to be about mega-budgets and monster corporations. One outfit is trying to make its mark from an apartment in Riverside, California. Next Generation spoke to the guys behind the game and 3D engine Project Offset...

Interview über die Offset Engine
Englisch GameQuarter3
Offset studios consists of 3 people working in an apartment. A lot of next-generation engines have a whole team of developers behind them. How do you guys manage to get all of this work - looking as impressive as some Unreal Engine v3 shots - done by just the three of you ?
Englisch Sffworld
Project Offset is a stunning fantasy based computer game created by only three people; Sam McGrath, Travis and Trevor Stringer, who work out of an apartment. Despite being entirely self-funded they have caused a massive stir within the Games industry in recent weeks with their stunning graphics engine and game trailers that promise a quality gaming experience. With the number of small developers on the decline Project Offset is already a major achievement. Travis Stringer was kind enough to take time out of the team's busy schedule to grant Sffworld the following interview, enjoy: and all Content is © 2007-2009 by
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